The four inch, Aprilaire whole home air filter achieves MERV 13 rating. Due to its larger size, it has more surface area than your typical 1 inch replaceable filter so it minimizes air flow restriction all while catching up to 90+ percent of airborne particulates. This reduces wear and tear on your system and keeps the air quality in your home at healthy levels.

active air cleaner


The Dust Free® Active Air purifier's unique, dual technologies target air quality problems at the source using germicidal UV‑C and ionization systems to clean the air in your home. UV-C light can inactivate specific, targeted bacteria where the UV-C light shines.


The Accuclean air cleaner is the top end air filtration solution for residential homes. It provides beyond HEPA grade filtration with lifetime, reusable filters that only need to be cleaned once a year. A special indicator on the Accuclean alerts you when you need to clean, so no more guessing! Removes 99.9% of Influenza A, Certificated asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, removes more than 99% of the surrogate for the virus that causes COVID-19 within 30 minutes.